Open lifestyle Position for a beck ‘n call male sub

Let’s start off with what a beck ‘n call male sub is to Me. A service oriented male sub who is able to perform various chores in and outside of the house, and run errands for Me. I am not looking for a sex slave, boyfriend or lover.

You need to be SERVICE ORIENTED and enjoy providing the services required by Me

Where: Missoula Montana

Those may include:

  • Being my foot slave, give massages, paint toe nails, and enjoy being used as a foot bitch.
  • Run errands for Me as needed. That includes going Grocery Shopping, etc
  • Doing Yard work for Me, including picking up dog poop once a week
  • Helping Me to decorate the House for the Holidays.
  • Being my submissive beta boy, that means spend some time with Goddess when she feels like having you under foot and just function as a submissive companion from time to time.
  • Doing the heavy lifting.
  • Building a Dog House for Me and other simple Furniture I might want. You do have to have your own tools and be skilled in carpentry / wood work.
  • Be My human Ashtray when I feel like using you as one
  • Carry shopping bags and pick up take out food for Me when I don’t feel like going out.

As you can see these are all pretty simple things.

If you have movie editing experience and are skilled with Photography that would be a major plus.

You cannot be married or involved with someone since I never know when I will want you to attend Me. That wouldn’t be fair to another woman.

You must be at least 35 years of age. No drama King or Queen. I don’t need the stress that brings and emotionally stable. I have a zero tolerance for Drug use and don’t want that in My House.

You must be reliable and not have a problem with serving a BBW FemDom.

If you are interested in applying send me an email of introduction to

Correct address towards Me to begin with is Ma’am.

We will go from there.

Goddess Bella Donna

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