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You deserve to be ignored!

I am too busy to talk to a boy like you. Being ignored is good for you! It won’t grow hair on your chest, but it might just adjust your attitude properly. Who knows what you’ll hear when you call this listing. Consider it an audible sneak peak into my life
.A voyeuristic adventure for your ears. I don’t put on a show for losers or fools, you get what you get. I’ll greet you just to let you know that I am there and then you go on ignore. Sent tributes to hear me laugh at you.

Ignore Calls

$1.29/ min

Your place is at my divine BBW feet!

Sexy thick ankles, chubby BBW Feet, those delightful wrinkles in my soles you’ll have to trace with your tongue.. Big calves and thighs, to weaken you even further and you are in foot boy heaven. Your place, my darling, is at my divine BBW feet. It may be naughty to admit you get all hot and bothered, weak and mindless for my sexy size 9 wide, but I understand that you just can’t help yourself. It’s ok my little foot bitch, I’ll put you to good use worshiping my feet, big legs, shoes and boots.

Feet, Shoes and Boots

$2.29/ min

The Confessional – Tell me all your naughty secrets

Step into my Confessional and tell me all your naughty secrets. Be they sexy dirty adventures, kinky fantasies you jerk off to, or one of your fetish to do list items you are hoping yet to experience. Don’t be afraid to tell me what’s on your mind. I enjoy hearing about what turns you on and makes you tick. Pick up the phone and share with me. I am waiting naughty boy!

Bisexual Girls

$1.69/ min

The Masturbation Puppet Station

Welcome to my Toy box puppet. I hope you are ready to sink deeper into your Masturbation Puppet nature. When I tell you that it’s time to play, all that will matter is jerking off for Me and on MY command. Dance on my strings Puppet, amuse your Goddess, do what I demand while you become a helpless masturbation puppet addict for your Goddess Bella Donna.

Jerk Off Instructions

$2.29/ min

It’s sissy time little bitch!

It’s time you face reality dearie, your time as a man has come to an end. No more male clothing for you. No more macho man attitudes. No more annoying little masculine behaviors. I am going to strip them all from you and turn you into the sissy I desire and you dream of being. Maybe I’ll turn you into a devoted maid for me, or maybe you’ll be conditioned to be my femmi assistant Then again I might just turn you into a sex-addicted Bimbo slut to whore out for my financial gain. There are so many possibilities here and who knows I may just mix and match them. You can accept your fate gracefully and eagerly or struggle against your feminization if you prefer to have things so much harder on you. In the end it will all be the same. You’ll be my sissy and your days as a man are over!

Taboo Fantasies

$2.29/ min

I am your doom and your salvation minions.

Being a sinful, naughty, and wicked little weak bitch boy or sissy makes you ripe for my special brand of confessional. You will learn to admit all your dirty dark little secrets to your satanic Goddess and accept your doom at my hands. I will drain you dry, make you chant, and admit even those things you are too afraid to face yourself. Oh and yes it will cost you….. dearly. Only in me will you find your doom and your salvation. There is nothing more satisfying then to become my utterly obsessed minion.

Financial Domination

$6.66/ min

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