Pro-Domination and Fetish Webcam Session Info

Can’t see Me in Person? You can always request a Pro-Domination and Fetish Webcam Session with Me.

Here is all the Information you need to get started:

The following are a few Screenshots from some of My Videos I have for sale. These Screenshots give you a good idea of what I may look like during a Pro-Domination and Fetish Webcam Session.

You can find these Clips for sale and other content of mine at!

For now they simple serve as giving you an idea of what I may look like during a Session. I do change my hair, enjoy wearing wigs, but I am always dressed casually during a Session. Unless I am doing a Pantyhose Session or a Foot / Shoe Session you will see Me from my Torso up. Just as you do in the Screenshots. I do not offer nude or semi-nude Webcam Sessions.

I classify myself as a Professional Dominatrix and Fetish Queen who utilizes Webcam as an extension of her training tools and one of my long distance options, I do not qualify myself as a Webcam Girl. I am the one who is in control during the sessions and you are there to obey and experience your submissive nature under My guidance. Please make sure you know the difference ahead of time before approaching me.

I have two days currently set away as “drop in” days during which I offer Webcam Sessions. All other times are via Appointment only!

It is always better to have an appointment with me to assure you get a time slot with Me.


Here is what you need to know if you’d like to have the opportunity next:

I do not enjoy having my time wasted, so unless you are sincere do not ask about them, request them or otherwise take up my valuable time. I have a one screw up and you are out on this policy. You will be blocked if you treat this like a chance for freebie seeking or are not able to tribute at the beginning of the Session.

If you want to be guaranteed to have a spot during those limited hours, you need to make an appointment for a specific time slot with me. I am going to do two sets of times to give a wider range of availability to you boys and sissies.

I am currently in Montana so the times I give you will be at MY TIMEZONE. Make sure you request the correct time. I am not responsible if you didn’t look it up first. Remember it has to be MY TIMEZONE and I am in Montana (Mountain Time Zone).

My two drop in days are Wednesday and Sunday. Keep an eye on MY TWITTER FEED @GBDContent4Sale for announcements during those days that I am now available to do Webcam Sessions.

Webcam Sessions will be done via My Skype Account: MizBellaDonna2you

Webcam Sessions start at $75 for 30 min. and go up from there. I will discuss what it is your are looking for with you and the length of the Session along with the payment options. I do not answer “how would you” questions. This discussion shouldn’t take longer then 3 to 4 minutes. You want to go into deeper details with me, you need to pay me for a text chat session at the time of the contact and discussion

Appointments for a specific time slot require a $10 non-refundable deposit which you will have to pay at the time of the appointment being set.

If you choose not to make an appointment and just want to take your chances being able to have a session during those hours, then be advised that you may be out of luck or you may find a spot. I make no guarantees. If I am busy with a session I am not going to respond until I am done. Each sub, sissy, who had done the work and procured a Session Appointment deserves my fullest attention during their time frame.

Payment is due at the beginning of the Session. You will already have the option you have chosen at that point. Don’t waste precious time and make the payment as you arrive. I will verify I received it and the session will begin.

I do NOT play dress up Doll for you. I will wear what I choose.

Sessions available will be the following Options:

Foot or High Heel worship and domination. I currently don’t own any boots, so if you want a Boot Worship Session you’ll have to buy one of the Boots off my Wishlist and have it sent to Me before the Session. I will consider those Boots a gift and it does not count towards your payment. So be advised of that. No exceptions.

Sissy Training, Sissy use and Sissy Humiliation Sessions. You gurls will be told at the appointment what to have available on your end. This is a Cam to Cam option, so be prepared to show yourself to Me.

Smoking Fetish – Smoking Instructions – Smoke with Me – Smoke and Stroke – Smoke slave training and / or humiliation and Human Ashtray Sessions.

Suffer for Me – I give you the instructions and you will carry it out. C.B.T. , Bondage, Nipple Play, punishment toy use (anal and oral), Spanking, extreme smoking

Intox and Popper Sessions

Tease and Denial (I don’t do nude or semi-nude)

Panty and / or Pantyhose Fetish

JOI, Guided Masturbation and Masturbation Puppet Conditioning

Goddess worship

Financial Domination and Wallet depletion – Prices start at $150 for 30 minutes on that and go up from there. So don’t ask unless you are ready to be used heavily.

Puppy Play

S.P.H. – I am not a bratty Domme style. You will be spoken down to and verbally ridiculed in a mature superior to you Goddess Fashion. Humiliation orders will be given.

Cuckold Chat and Tease

Tickle Torture Mind Fuck

Faggot – forced bi – encouragement and humiliation (Bring toys – big ones too)

Sin-enabling – Religious Fetish – Satanic Goddess style..

Feeder/ Feedee – weight gain and humiliation Sessions

Other inclusions can be discussed (Text Chat Session will apply for that) and if I am interested we can include it.

Don’t screw up!

Bring your best manners! Proper address towards Me is either Goddess Bella Donna, Miz Bella Donna, Satanic Goddess or Ma’am. I do NOT respond to any other form of address. Failure to address me correctly during the Session results in financial fines.

I do not wait longer than 5 minutes for stragglers. BE on time or you are forfeiting your Session with me. You will not get your deposit back.

Cut off for appointment requests is 10 pm Tuesday night.

If you can’t reach me on Skype to request an appointment sent me a quick note to to let me know that you are trying to reach me to set an appointment. I’ll respond once I see it and have you meet me on Skype.

I am looking forward to talking to you soon!

Goddess Bella Donna

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