Real Time Professional Domination Info

Interested in a Real Time Professional Domination and Fetish Session with Me?

Here is important information you need!

I am accepting appointment requests for Professional Domination and Fetish Sessions in Missoula Montana from submissive Gentlemen, Sissies and Transgender subs.

I do not have a Dungeon any longer, but can do Sessions in house and on an outcall base with you. I do not travel out of Missoula at the moment, so you will have to come to my location.

My screening process is stringent and I do not accept appointment requests from anyone under the age of 30.  This is a personal preference of mine I will not compromise on.

I am a mature BBW Mistress and Disciplinarian with 25 + years of experience.

Here are some quick stats:

Age: 47 (I was born in 1970)
Weight: 217 lbs
Height: 5 ft 5 inches bare footed
I wear glasses and / or eye contact depending on my mood (See pics above)
Shoe size: 9
Boot size: 9 or 10 depending on make
Hair color: Black, but I do enjoy wearing Wigs and Hair pieces so might change as mood strikes me
Eye color: Brown
I am a smoking Mistress


Being a Professional Mistress I do NOT offer sex of any kind to my submissive clients, that includes strapon, since that would be considered prostitution. I am NOT an Escort, but a Dominatrix and Disciplinarian. Do NOT confuse the two.

Currently I offer the following Session types:


  • OTK (over the knee spanking)
  • Sissy training and Sissy humiliation
  • Smoking Fetish – Forced smoking orders, human ashtray training, smoke slave conditioning
  • Foot and Shoe worship and domination
  • Pantyhose Fetish and Domination
  • Bondage
  • Financial Domination
  • Tickle Fetish and Tickle Torture Fetish
  • Momma Domme Fantasies (LIttles¬† – you must bring your own clothe )
  • Sub Conditioning (Learn the basics about being a proper sub for Me)
  • Sensual Female Supremacy Domination
  • Puppy or Feline Play
  • Mesmerization (Not Hypnosis there is a difference)
  • FemDom / beta male Sessions (you are here to serve Me in any way I desire)
  • Ass Worship (clothed or in Panties – never nude)
  • Feeder Mistress – Fat Boy Humiliation
  • Goddess Worship – don’t confuse that with Body Worship
  • Tease and Denial
  • Scolding Sessions for those wimpy boys who need to be told off
  • Dildo Training (bring your own Toys for hygiene reasons)
  • Chastity Training and Keyholding
  • Toilet Training (Golden Showers -Pee only)
  • Panty Fetish and Domination
  • Human Furniture
  • Queening (dressed)

I may add more later as I repurchase some corporal punishment toys and Floggers.

How to request an appointment with me:

You begin the Process by sending me a polite email requesting an appointment to

In this email you should include the following: Proper address towards me, either Ma’am or Goddess Bella Donna. I will not respond to anything else, so get it correct. Your name, your age, where you found me, what kinks or fetishes you would like to have included in your session from the list above, when you’d like the session, and for how long. A little introduction of yourself – keep it simple and respectful.

My appointment process:

Once I have received the request email I will take a look at it and read it carefully. I look for proper address, your overall manners and approach, which type of session you have requested and if you followed the simply appointment request path I have outlined above. Did you include everything I asked for or did you leave things out? If you did it correctly and I am pleased with your approach, I will see if I have the day and time you requested available. I check this email 2 times a day so be patient. I have a lot of other things I do as well. You will get a response as quickly as possible. Earliest appointment to the time you send the request is 48 hours.

I will respond to your email to either let you know that yes I am interested in granting you the appointment or deny it. If it is a denial I will let you know the reason for it (It may be as simple as time / day availability in which case I will give you the options I have available). If I denied your request for any other reason, my decision is final and not up for debate.

If you are a first time submissive seeker to me, I will ask you some questions in the email, which you must answer me honestly and politely. I may or may not ask you for references.

If I did request references make sure you ask the Mistress or Mistresses if it is ok for me to contact them. Do not give me fake references I will research them, before calling Her or Them. So make sure you include her email and phone number.

Once I received the response to my email, I will do a quick phone call with you. We are just going to chat for a few minutes, nice and casual. I just want to hear your voice and judge your overall behavior towards me while we speak. This is not a fetish chat or domination chat. If you want that I am going to have you call me on my Niteflirt Phone Domination Line to continue the conversation there. Just simply follow my lead, be yourself and mind your manners. It’s nothing to be afraid of.

I may decide to meet you at a Starbucks near my location first just for a cup of coffee. It really depends on the vibes I get from you and how our interaction went so far.

Once I have decided you are worthy and trust worthy enough to gain that appointment with Me, you will have to make a non-refundable deposit in order to set the appointment. This is not optional and common practice. Non-refundable means exactly that. If you do not follow my simple Rules (see below) or decide to be a no-show you have forfeited your deposit to me. You will not get that money back. So make sure are sincere and prepared to go through with the Session. I have never missed an appointment in 25 years, but should an emergency ever arise on my end you’ll be given the option to reschedule or have your deposit refunded. As I said however, it never happened yet and I don’t foresee it happening.

You have one hour to make the deposit from the options I’ll give you. If you fail to make the deposit within that time frame you have lost the opportunity so be prepared to do so. Once I have verified that you have paid the deposit, I will note the appointment as set and give you my cellphone number so you can call me on the day of your appointment that you are on your way to Me.

It’s all very simple really and just standard practices.

MY Rules (read them carefully)

  • Address me properly at all times – Ma’am or Goddess Bella Donna
  • Be dressed business casual when arriving.
  • Be on time! I do not wait longer then 10 minutes for you to arrive before I consider the session canceled.
  • Do not arrive high, drunk or hung over. I will turn you away if you are.
  • Session fees are in cash only, so make sure you have enough cash on you to cover it.
  • If you have chosen Financial Domination make sure you have plenty of money for tributes above the Session fee. Minimum is $500
  • Be respectful with Me at all times. I do not enjoy disrespect or ill manners. Those result in Session over and you will not have your money refunded. Remember you are coming to me as a submissive, behave like one.
  • Remember to text me to let me know you are on your way and on time for the session
  • I shouldn’t need to mention this, but use basic hygiene. I am allergic to heavy scents, so apply aftershave with a light hand please.
  • All Sessions are done in English only, so make sure you are able to understand and communicate in English.

Session Fees:

For OTK only: Minimum is 30 minutes – $150 (deposit is $20)

For all the other Session options:

Minimum is 1 hour – $350 (deposit $50)

2 hours – $700 (deposit is $75)

3 hours – $950 (deposit is $100)

Spend a day with Goddess (8 hours) – $2000 (deposit is $200)


Remember you are coming to see a MATURE BBW MISTRESS , if you have a problem with a woman who has a belly and is bigger, do NOT apply.

I do not put up Galleries here. If you want to see more of what I look like go and visit my blog: and buy some of my clips or photo packs.

Goddess Bella Donna







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